Posted by: andyidaho | September 11, 2013

Warm and dry for the rest of the week but changes are coming.

Today through Saturday-

Ridge of high pressure will remain anchored in place with dry, sunny, and warm weather persisting. Despite the sunny weather expected to last into Saturday at least, the warm temperatures are probably going to peak a bit earlier due to the position of the ridge. We’ll still be above normal through the end of the work week.

Forecasted temperatures:

Today: mid-upper 80s

Tomorrow: mid-upper 80s

Friday: lower-mid 80s

Saturday: lower-mid 80s


This day is a wild card in the forecast since we have two completely different ideas or more like one of them is 24 hours slower. The gfs model along with its ensembles have us dry and warm for Sunday as well. If this is the case, then look for more above normal temperatures for one extra day. On the other hand though, if the European model is correct though, moisture and instability will increase leading to a chance of showers and thunderstorms with cooler temperatures. For now, I’ll go the middle route with increasing clouds and temperatures around 80 degrees.

Monday through Wednesday-

The models are in much better agreement this morning with our weather turning much colder and wetter. Exactly how cold and wet we get is in question right now, but it looks like we should get colder than we were last week. The best way to put this period is a chance of rain each day. Temperatures will be in the lower-mid 70s Monday, lower-mid 60s Tuesday, and mid-upper 50s Wednesday. Overnight lows will get quite cold in this pattern, but it won’t be quite cold enough yet for the first frost. Wednesday morning could come close though.

Extended Outlook-

Unseasonably cold with a chance of rain just about everyday looks to be the norm for the rest of the month.


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